Same food, less calories:

The Hola Plates absorb oil by eliminating up to 30% calories

The food, in all its formats, flavors and colors, is wonderful. However, we know that greasy food, while delicious, is not the best thing for your health – because the best things in life never are.

At Hola we wish no one to have to deprive themselves of something as wonderful as a good feast. That’s why we’ve studied the best way to save between 300 and 420 calories per plate thanks to a hola mechanism capable of absorbing the oil.

on a normal plate

831 calories

on the hola plate

626 calories

For all types of oily foods

Lose the fear of oil. With Hola plate you will save between 300 and 420 calories per dish. You no longer have excuses to enjoy nachos, fajitas, paella … Tell me it does not sound good.

Enjoy food

Why change your food? From Hola we believe that there is no reason for you to stop enjoying those delicious dishes that make you so happy. Do not change your food if you can change your plate.

World-class design

The engineering and design of Hola Plates has been awarded in design contests regarding culinary technology. But few know where our inspiration comes from.

The patterns of Hola Plates are inspired on the kamon (家紋) of Japanese culture. The kamon are monochrome insignias composed by silhouettes whose proportions represent the essence of Japanese design. Small works of art and symbols that hide high mathematical principles, just like our plates.

Easy as pie

Hola Plate is thought to be no more difficult to clean than a conventional dish, so do not torture yourself thinking about who will wash after.

Simply wash the dish, since the fat is not absorbed by the material, but simply separated, so that this curious dishes can be reused.

Dishwasher friendly

None of the models of Hola Plate is damaged by putting it in the dishwasher – its quality is guaranteed to make cleaning as simple as possible.


Imagine eating healthier without changing a thing about your meal. No cutting portions, no adding vegetables, just enjoying you food–even the greasy stuff–as-is. All you’d have to do is change your china.


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